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Why Senior Citizens Need to Make Use of Walkers for Mobility

walkerWith age come weakness and infirmity. Moving about could become difficult and daily activities as trivial as going to the bathroom could turn into huge challenges. This is why walkers are recommended for senior citizens to help prevent falls and for easy mobility.

Some Instances When A Walker Is Most Required:

  • Whenever an elderly faces difficulties in performing day to day activities like going to the bathroom and coming back.
  • When this person has to walk on an uneven surface outside his or her home, like the garden.
  • When an elderly person’s mobility gets restricted due to weakening of muscles.
  • When the person is alone at most times and requires support in moving about.
  • During rehabilitation after a surgery.
  • If he or she has severe neurological issues and/or poor reflexes.

Places Where A Walker Can Help

  1. Home/Indoors: To move around inside the house with ease, confidence and independence. The walker will help prevent falls in slippery areas like the toilet/bathroom and help in walking with correct posture
  2. Outdoors: The walker will provide stability and enable the user to move around freely in parks and/or malls

How Difficult Is It To Adjust To Using A Walker?

The difficulty level in minimal.Only, an elderly should accept the need to use the product. Of course, it might take time. Only one advice – don’t give up.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Product

  • Comfort: The walker should be according to the person’s height and weight. Especially, the height is an important factor to be considered.If the height is lower than advisable then the user might develop a stoop. Alternatively, if the height is more than required then shoulder issues might crop up. Also, you may need to lift the product at times so that uneven surfaces can be avoided. For this reason, choose walkers that are lightweight.
  • Indoor Or Outdoor: Sometimes, mobility is not a challenge at home, but outside it is. In such a case, you must choose a walker which is easily adjustable. You should be able to fold it without any hassle. Also, if you are a frequent traveller and must take your parents along with you every time, better to buy something which is easy to transport and store.
  • Temporary Or Permanent: Walkers can be for temporary use or even for permanent purposes. Whatever the need be, the ultimate aimis to ensure safe mobility. Choose according to the need.
  • Brand: Last, but not the least, you must check the reputation of the company or brand you are buying the product from. It should be a speciality store, selling these products exclusively.And it should be very dependable regarding product delivery and quality.

Is there anyone in your home who needs a walker? Buy one today.

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