Shreya was knowledgeable, kind and very patient. It was a pleasure to do business with this company due to the exceptional service I received from Shreya. She did not rush me at all provided all the answers I was looking for and provided a tremendously marvelous user buying experience/customer care. THANK YOU SHREYA! Best wishes.

-Ferzeen Chhapgar

I had bought this Travel Chair  for my nephew Mukul Vyas aged 30 yrs. We are happy with the new chair as he is more mobile now since he can easily travel outside and carry this lightweight and handy chair wherever.

-Tara Purohit (Mumbai)

I bought the EZ Fold N Go Walker, Curve Grab Bar and the Stander Cane for myself and my wife, both 82 years old, from ElderEase. I believe, the supplier of such quality and useful items, not only provide relief to senior citizens like us, but also get blessings from us. At this age, such items make life quite comfortable.

-Surendra Kumar Birla (Kolkata, WB, India)

I purchased the Curve Grab Bar by Stander for my wife who is 82 years old. Once it was fitted, my wife’s remark was – “This is my dream handle. I am getting all the support and relief what I wished for!”

-- Surendra Kumar Birla (Kolkata, WB, India)

I have purchased the EZ Fold N Go walker by Stander for my wife who is 82 years old. Before she started using the EZ Fold N Go walker, she was using a walker of the best Indian make. The EZ Fold N Go walker is so comfortable that it cannot be mentioned in words. Just to have an idea about the comfort – I said to my wife: “This walker is far costlier than the Indian make walker!” Her reply was: “It is a one time investment and comfort at this age should not be measured by money”

-- Surendra Kumar Birla (Kolkata, WB, India)

I am 82 years old and have purchased the Stander Cane. It provides a wonderful support with a spring action at the bottom and with a palmrest at grip point. My morning walk speed has increased by 15% after using this walking stick and it has increased my confidence level as well while walking. I feel this stick also reduces the risk of fall by 50%. Using is believing. Of course, initially, I hesitated to purchase when I knew about the price of the product, but when I calculated the chances of falling, its price is very reasonable. People who have seen me walking with this stick have passed remarks such as: “You look smart, graceful and young with this new stick!” It is truly a WONDER STICK!

-- Surendra Kumar Birla (Kolkata, WB, India)

“The 30″ Safety Bedrail is so strong and sturdy. I am relieved not to have to worry about my grandma falling out of bed again. It was quick and easy to install and does not damage or alter the bed in any way. It is a very nice dark gray color, smooth to the touch and does not make the room look like a hospital.”

-- Jen Savoy (Spokane, WA, USA)

“I had ordered the Assist-a-Tray, made by Stander™, and was really thrilled with it, so I bought the EZ Fold N Go Walker and it is the LIGHTEST, most contemporary looking, least obtrusive walker I have ever seen! It is SO EASY to fold and unfold, I can do it myself, in spite of my pain and mobility problems. It is very well made; strong and sturdy, so I feel safe with my weight on it, but it still fits easily in the backseat of my car. The color I ordered is so modern and unusual for a walker that I feel like it is almost a luxury item. I am very happy with this walker!”

-- Beau H. (Portland, OR, USA)


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