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Few Points To Consider When Buying Walkers For Senior Citizens

With an increase in the number of senior citizens, the need of products useful to the age group is also increasing. Considering seniors have a constant risk of falling, a good walker is a very helpful assistive aid, which ensures they are active and get adequate exercise. With many companies offering the product, you need to identify a walker which is safe, steady and easy to use. Compromising on the quality of the walker is not advisable. Buying the ideal walker can make your life simpler than you think!

Buying Walkers?

Few Points You Need To Keep In Mind 

  • Sturdiness

The most important feature in a walker is that it should be strong and stable as at times it may have to withhold the whole weight of the user. This would prevent risk of injury to the senior citizens/elders using the assistive walking aid. Sturdiness of a walker comes from the design and the material used for making it. Eg. Walkers made out of aircraft grade aluminium or high grade alloy are both light and strong.

  • Specialized Walkers

Adults who have suffer from neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, ataxia, PSP or balance disorders require some movement throughout the day to ensure their condition does not worsen. A specialized walker (U Step II Walker) is recommended for such cases.U Step II Walker

  • Height

The height of the adult walker is a very important feature. One must opt for a model whose height is just right or has a feature where the height is adjustable. Using a walker with a wrong height not only makes the user uncomfortable but can lead to improper posture. The ideal height of the walker can be seen by standing straight with arms hanging loosely on the side and measuring the distance from floor to the crease of user’s wrist. While holding the handle of the walker a slight bend (15 degrees) is an ideal height.

  • Weight

A light weight walker makes it easier for a senior to handle. Therefore the walker should be light but at the same time the load bearing capacity should be 10% more than the user’s body weight.

  • Wheels

Walkers with two wheels are ideal for senior citizens who require moving around a lot. Those who prefer moving at a slow pace should opt for stationary wheels (wheels which do not swivel and have restricted movement). The wheels need to be on the front legs. The glides on the back legs makes it easy to move in a controlled yet smooth pace. For active seniors walkers with four large wheels or rollators would be ideal. It is necessary to choose a safe walker so that the risk of falling is minimized.

Walkers for Senior Citizens

  • Folding

A foldable walker is easy to transport especially while travelling. It also occupies lesser space for storage when not in use. Two important things to be kept in mind while selecting a foldable walker are:

  1. It should be easy to fold preferably without assistance
  2. When unfolded it should stand firmly and not tend to collapse
  • Seat

Not every buyer visiting a shop or online site for buying Senior Citizen Products is aware of the fact that there are a few walkers where a comfortable seat is attached. Senior citizens tend to get tired easily so having a seat where they can stop and rest is always an added advantage.

  • Storage Space

Choose a walker having a storage basket or pouch which is helpful in carrying ones essentials like water bottle, phone etc.

This being said, make sure to consider all the points stated above while buying walkers for senior citizens.

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