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Change your Mindset towards Elders

A chapter “budhi kaki” (elderly aunt) which was taught to us in grade 5 left a deep impression on me which mentioned that old age was a resurgence of childhood. The more I ponder over it the more I realize the factuality. Baby boomers do need attention as babies but it is difficult for us to accept this fact as we have been taught and guided by them or maybe because we do not accept their incapability of doing something which they have been doing regularly.

While there are children who realize and care about their parents and want to do a lot for them, there are parents who would not want to listen to their children. Let’s not go into the why aspect but find a solution to both.

Have you ever thought of installing something in the bathroom, for example, after perceiving the problem your parents were facing with their baby steps (unsteady steps)? And especially as the statistics show that most accidents of seniors happen in bathrooms. We see the problem in our children and get them walkers to help them take those steps. So why don’t we similarly think of solutions for our parents.

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